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Payplan of Matrix payouts is on Details page.
CO-OP info is on text ads page and all promo info is on the promo tools page.

1. Are you open world wide?

YES, we are in ALL countries. YOU get your donations from all over the world.

2. Can I join as a free member?

YES, Getting donations from around the globe is so cool!

* Joining as a free member means you have to sponsor. We pay huge $ 35% 3 levels!

We also have the best ever sponsor profit fees ever paid out on any site.

3. What pay services do you use to be paid?

We are 100% approved at: Payza, Paypal, Payeer, STP, Perfect Money, Bit Coin and Visa Master Card along with Bank Wire and Wepay.


If you need to pay a new way just email us. or use a ticket.

4. Can I have more than one account or sign up a family member?

YES, but you have to join under your sponsor. Then you can NOT re-join under your-self.
* If you are caught stacking we delete your account and your funds are rolled up line.

You can do this:
Join under your sponsor and upgrade. (You must upgrade to have a family member under you)
Then add an upgraded family member under you and make 10% on them.

5. I'm sure I wont want a refund but if I have an emergency can I get a refund?

NO SORRY! This is a donation site with a digital product NO REFUNDS.
Also our refer program has such a huge profit for sponsored members that we pay instant.
IT IS A DONATION! Plus you get 3000 ads to use as a product.

6. When do we get paid profits and sponsor profits?

Donate Pays withdraws are daily 6 days a week. Sunday is family day.
* But we are still open and paying profits 7 days a week.
* Member to member payouts coming soon.

7. Do we have to sponsor to be paid? What is a CO-OP Blast?

NO, You can join for free and once you activate your funds you start earning that day!

CO-OP Blast is where we run ads for you please see Text Ads link for more info.

8. How much do we make if we do sponsor?  BIGGEST EVER SPONSOR PROFITS!

Our sponsor profits are so GIANT it is our pride and joy of this site.

Check this out below and we dare you to find a bigger paying program.

3 levels of pays: More info on Details page.
Level one is who you personally sponsor and that pays 10%
Level 2 is who they sponsor and YOU make 20% on that level. SO HELP YOUR MEMBERS!
Level 3 is who your level 2 members sponsor and YOU make 5% on that level.

9. Is there any work like clicking ads daily to be paid? Can I Pay It Forward To Help?

We are totally automatic just become active and that's it your on your way to cash.


If you can make a Donation for a member to help them out they will LOVE YOU!
* Pay it forward is when you elect to pay for a member who can NOT afford to pay.

If you would like to help a member please email us or make a ticket.
If you are truly broke and are willing to sponsor 2 members email us or make a ticket.

10. How much can we make and how much does it cost?

Donations never stop coming in so you can make cash here forever.
* Please click on details page to see cash pay plan and cost.

11. Can I jump to higher levels? Is there Spill Over from my sponsor?

YES, once you join and are paid in level 1 matrix you can jump to bigger levels!
* More info below.

YES, you get Spill Over from your sponsor to help push you to bigger levels.
* Spill Over is when your sponsor has to many members and they spill over to you.

If you sponsored a member you get sponsor fees for level one.
If same member jumps to bigger level before you get a bigger level sponsor fees roll up.
You have to join at level 1 before you join any other level.
You have to join each level one time to go to bigger levels.
* Then you can get as many Donations as you want.

If you are a sponsor you might want to grab some spots at higer levels (see above rule)
More donations (spots) means more donations back so get a few going at all levels.

12. Who is Admin and where are you located?

Thanks for asking we are based in Canada (Home of Payza) Our account is 10 years old. (Division of Goldfix11 LLC) Company is a legally registered Private Limited Company which
was founded in 2006 in Canada, Company No. CAN- D#285763549707564

There are four of us with over total online biz experience of over 40 years.
Dan, Carol, Randy and Kenny have ran and still run world wide sites to this day.

We opened this site to prove to members you can pay out and stay open paying members
forever not just open then close like so many other sites we have seen.

Yes we are a real registered company and have a phone number for active members only.
We are on support tickets, Gmail, Skype, Facebook and Chat soon so you can talk to us 24/7


This link below is a must for ALL members no matter what program you join!

You can turn PAYPAL into BIT COIN in minutes!
You can use GIFT CARDS, Wallmart, Western U., Bank transfers and 300 other ways to join anything by becoming a member of the widget or link below below we suggest ALL members join no matter what you promote.

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